Bayern new aid was unveiled Nike T-shirt sponsor Adidas freak

on July 2, three-time winner Bayern Munich for the two blockbuster new aid Mario - grid policy and Kirchhoff held a special press conference. Wanted, two inexperienced boys after 90 deep but because of their dress attracted a huge controversy.

  Originally, cell policy and Kirchhoff at the press conference, unexpectedly chose to create a Nike T-shirt. And we all know that, but Bayern's shirt sponsor Nike commercial court number one rival Adidas . Also, Bayern Adidas even has a 9.1% share, should be considered Bayern shareholder.

  This one, the German media have been many reports. From the "Bild" message, Adi aspects Bayern press conference for the two main characters wearing very unhappy, and even has returned to the press conference photos, requiring Bayern to the argument. In their view, even if the grid policy is Nike's signing players, nor should such an important occasion in the show to show their new season Bayern shirt with Adidas logo when wearing a Nike T-shirt. Even worse is that wearing a white short-sleeved grid policy, chest he openly printed letters rather garish NIKE LOGO. Looks like the Nike brand in the field house Adi swagger. Compared cell policy, Kirchhoff's clothes though not so "arrogant", but is also a casual T-shirt NIKE brand. Of course, compared with the grid policy, the degree of concern in the guard already a lot less.

  Although the two players is affected by whether the individual sponsor indicating intentional or malicious individuals not wearing casual yet unknown, but the adverse impact of the fact that it is a certainty. On the one hand, as the Bayern board members, Adidas CEO He Bert - Heiner has a private telephone communication Hoeness and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, requiring the club must make a reasonable interpretation of this matter. The Adidas spokesman also announced that the "grid policy and Kirchhoff pictures at a news conference on the negative effects arising beyond their imagination, as Bayern's official partner, which is not in the contract allowed, we have negotiated and Bayern Munich club too, are waiting for their official response. "

  In accordance with the Adidas company official said privately, even as the Nike-sponsored players, cell policy even if it is wearing Nike shoes , pants to attend the official press conference, can not wear clothes so garish Nike. Since it is to participate in the official Bayern will meet new aid, and the need to show their new season Bayern jersey, it must provide the clothes wearing Adidas.

  Although the two players approach quite irregularities, but Bayern during the conference related preparatory work, apparently ignored the players dress, which indeed be regarded as a big club work Oolong. Club press officer Hull Vick has foreign claims, "We have to photograph things to Adidas has made a detailed explanation and a formal apology, and to ensure that similar errors do not occur again in the future."

  Because this dress amusing incident, resulting in two new signings news conference but nobody cares about the specific contents. It is reported that cell policy in the new season wearing jersey No. 19, while Kirchhoff will wear jersey No. 15. It appears that the transfer of up to 37 million worth of cell policy after joining Bayern in formally identified, triggering a series of controversy continues. Initially, the grid policy announced in advance to join Bayern soon after the accident injury absence of the most important Champions League final, drew Dortmund side down discontent. And this summer to join Bayern, cell policy again announced his muscle tear injury recovery was not ideal, being unable to predict the comeback date. Now, the news conference and because of the injury, once again let Bayern caught no small embarrassment.
10/11/2013 02:41:38
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